Secure Document Exchange (SDE) is a vital tool for businesses that need to transfer sensitive information. Sharing files via email can expose businesses to a range of security risk. This includes financial records and customer data, intellectual property, and future business plans.

Secure document exchange solutions can help eliminate the risks, and enhance the overall experience of your clients and employees. It is a reliable technology that allows users to upload documents, share them and then approve them with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Thru’s secure document exchange platform is used by more than 90,000 users across a range of industries to work together confidently and productively. We work hard to ensure that our solutions are fully compatible and provide best security levels giving you confidence that your data is secured at all times. We also allow users to choose to UNshare (revoke access to files) at anytime regardless of whether a file has been downloaded onto the client device, giving you total control over your data.

Secure document exchange tools can reduce the number of manual processes within your workflow, and save your team members significant amounts of time. For example, a simple process such as sending a signed document for signatures can be saved automatically into the correct folder within the client portal, avoiding the need for manual intervention by an employee. This is especially useful for utility companies that often require monthly statements and proof of identity. This could speed up the approval process of services and allowing them to be set up or cancelled faster.

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